High School sports rebroadcasts continue through May

  • HS spring sports are on hold


    Area schools being closed means no games, May 1 now earliest possible start

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Sports Headlines

BB: Four MAAA players named to All-State teams

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With the high school basketball season complete, the Missouri Basketball Coaches Association released their selections for the All-State teams. There were three girls named to the squads including Central's Sophia Horton, West County's Dori McRaven and Gracee Smith of Arcadia Valley. The only MAAA b...
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Spring sports delay extended until at least May 1

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Amid the crisis regarding the Covid-19 pandemic, area schools closures were extended through Apr. 30. Here is the memo released on Mar. 30 by the MAAA Superintendent's Association. Click Here.
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GBB: Matt Bradley finishes third stint as Potosi head coach

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Lady Trojans' Matt Bradley has stepped down as head coach. Bradley has spent 10 years as Potosi's girls head coach since 2000, with this last year being his third different stint as head coach. Combined he went 137-127 in those 10 years including 13-14 this past season.
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Broadcast Schedule

Wednesday, Apr. 8:
6:00p, Base (5/7/15): 1-VCath vs 3-Farm (Conf. Final)
6:15p, MLB (9/12/11): St. Louis @ Pittsburgh*
Thursday, Apr. 9:
6:00p, SB (9/28/04): 1-Fred vs 3-Farm (Conf. Final)
6:15p, MLB (9/13/11): St. Louis @ Pittsburgh*
Friday, Apr. 10:
6:00p, GBB (2/11/17): 2-Cent vs 5-NC (Conf. Final)
6:15p, MLB (9/14/11): St. Louis @ Pittsburgh*
Saturday, Apr. 11:
6:00p, MLB (9/16/11): St. Louis @ Philadelphia*
Sunday, Apr. 12:
12:00p, MLB (9/17/11): St. Louis @ Philadelphia*
12:00p, NFL (1/10/10): NFC WCG GB @ Ari
Monday, Apr. 13:
6:00p, VB (10/23/03): 1-VCath vs 2-Bis (Conf. Final)
6:15p, MLB (9/18/11): St. Louis @ Philadelphia*
Tuesday, Apr. 14:
6:00p, 9/30/15 (SB): 1-Farm vs 2-Cent (Conf. Final)
6:15p, MLB (9/19/11): St. Louis @ Philadelphia*
Wednesday, Apr. 15:
6:00p, VB (10/13/16): 1-VCath vs 3-Farm (Conf. Final)
6:15p, MLB (9/20/11): St. Louis @ NY Mets*
Thursday, Apr. 16:
6:00p, Base (5/6/17): 1-Pot vs 6-WC (Conf. Final)
6:15p, MLB (9/21/11): St. Louis @ NY Mets*
Friday, Apr. 17:
6:00p, SB (9/27/17): 1-NC vs 3-Pot (Conf. Final)
6:15p, MLB (9/22/11): St. Louis @ NY Mets*
Saturday, Apr. 18:
6:00p, MLB (9/23/11): St. Louis @ Chi. Cubs*
Sunday, Apr. 19:
12:00p, MLB (9/24/11): St. Louis @ Chi. Cubs*
12:00p, NFL (1/3/93): AFC WC Hou @ Buf
Monday, Apr. 20:
6:00p, BBB (1/2/18): PB @ Farm
6:15p, MLB (9/25/11): St. Louis @ Chi. Cubs*
Tuesday, Apr. 21:
6:00p, VB (10/18/18): 2-Farm vs 3-Cent (Conf. Semi)
6:15p, MLB (9/26/11): St. Louis @ Houston*
Wednesday, Apr. 22:
6:00p, Base (5/1/17): 2-VCath vs 10-Cent (Conf. pool)
6:15p, MLB (9/27/11): St. Louis @ Houston*
Thursday, Apr. 23:
6:00p, VB (10/18/17): 1-Jax vs 3-Farm (Dist. Final)
6:15p, MLB (9/28/11): St. Louis @ Houston*
Friday, Apr. 24:
6:00p, GBB (3/3/17): 1-NC vs 6-Pot (Dist. Final)
6:15p, MLB (10/1/11, NLDS G1): StL vs Phi*
Saturday, Apr. 25:
6:00p, MLB (10/2/11, NLDS G2): StL vs Phi*
Sunday, Apr. 26:
12:00p, MLB (10/4/11, NLDS G3): StL vs Phi*
12:00p, NFL (2/3/08): SB XLII NYG vs NE 
Monday, Apr. 27:
6:00p, Base (5/19/16): 2-NC vs 4-Cent (Dist. Final)
6:15p, MLB (10/5/11, NLDS G4): StL vs Phi*
Tuesday, Apr. 28:
6:00p, GBB (3/3/16): 1-NC vs 2-Fred (Dist. Final)
6:15p, MLB (10/7/11, NLDS G5): StL vs Phi*
Wednesday, Apr. 29:
6:00p, SC (10/27/16): 1-NC vs 2-Farm (Dist. Final)
6:15p, MLB (10/9/11, NLCS G1): StL vs Milw*
Thursday, Apr. 30:
6:00p, BBB (3/3/16): 1-Farm vs 2-SG (Dist. Final)
6:15p, MLB (10/10/11, NLCS G2): StL vs Milw*
Friday, May 1:
6:00p, SB (10/7/16): 3-DeS vs 4-Farm (Dist. Final)
6:15p, MLB (10/12/11, NLCS G3): StL vs Milw*
Saturday, May 2:
6:00p, MLB (10/13/11, NLCS G4): StL vs Milw*
Sunday, May 3:
12:00p, MLB (10/14/11, NLCS G5): StL vs Milw*
12:00p, NFL (1/25/98): SB XXXII Den vs GB
Monday, May 4:
6:00p, Base (4/26/05): Cent @ Farm
6:15p, MLB (10/16/11, NLCS G6): StL vs Milw*
Tuesday, May 5:
6:00p, GBB (Feb. 15, 2016): NC @ Fest
6:15p, MLB (10/19/11, WS G1): StL vs Texas*
Wednesday, May 6:
6:00p, VB (10/18/01): 1-Fred vs 2-Cent (Conf. Final)
6:15p, MLB (10/20/11, WS G2): StL vs Texas*
Thursday, May 7:
6:00p, FB (9/7/01): Farm @ NC
6:15p, MLB (10/22/11, WS G3): StL vs Texas*
Friday, May 8:
6:00p, Base (3/20/17): PB @ NC
6:15p, MLB (10/23/11, WS G4): StL vs Texas*
Saturday, May 9:
6:00p, MLB (10/24/11, WS G5): StL vs Texas*
Sunday, May 10:
12:00p, MLB (10/27/11, WS G6): StL vs Texas*
12:00p, NFL (1/12/13): AFC Div Bal @ Den
Monday, May 11:
6:00p, Base (5/5/17): 1-Pot vs 4-SG (Conf. Semi)
6:15p, MLB (10/28/11, WS G7): StL vs Texas*
Tuesday, May 12:
6:00p, Base (5/31/17): V.Park vs WC (State Semi)
Wednesday, May 13:
6:00p, Base (5/16/19): 1-SG vs 2-NC (Dist Final)
Thursday, May 14:
6:00p, BBB (11/24/16): 1-Ell vs 2-WC (AV Final)
Friday, May 15:
6:00p, Base (5/20/19): V.Park @ WC (State Sect)
Sunday, May 17:
12:00p, NFL (2/5/17): SB LI NE vs Atl
Monday, May 18:
6:00p, SB (5/17/19): Pot vs Lincoln (State Semi)
Tuesday, May 19:
6:00p, Base (5/23/18): Malden @ WC (State Qtrs)
Wednesday, May 20:
6:00p, BBB (1/16/01): Cent @ PB
Thursday, May 21:
6:00p, SB (5/14/15): WC @ Clever (State Qtrs)
Friday, May 22:
6:00p, GBB (12/30/17): 1-Cent vs 3-Steel (Xmas Final)
Sunday, May 24:
12:00p, NFL (2/1/09): SB XLIII Pit vs Ari
Monday, May 25:
6:00p, GBB (2/9/01): 1-WC vs 3-AV (Conf. Final)
Tuesday, May 26:
6:00p, 5/18/18 (SB): Cent vs Adrian (State Semis) 
Wednesday, May 27:
6:00p, VB (10/21/15): 1-Jeff vs 2-AV (Dist. Final)
Thursday, May 28:
6:00p, VB (9/12/18): Farm @ St. Pius
Friday, May 29:
6:00p, GBB (3/7/15): Cent vs SaxL (State Qtrs)
Sunday, May 31:
12:00p, NFL (1/15/67): SB I KC vs GB
* – denotes game on B104.3fm