GBB: Zac McVey not on the market long; to go from North County to Jefferson



Broadcast Schedule

Thursday, June 4:
6:15p, MLB (10/13/06, NLCS G2): STL vs NYM*
Friday, June 5:
6:15p, MLB (10/14/06, NLCS G3): STL vs NYM*
Saturday, June 6:
6:00p, MLB (10/15/06, NLCS G4): STL vs NYM*
Sunday, June 7:
12:00p, MLB (10/17/06, NLCS G5): STL vs NYM*
Monday, June 8:
6:15p, MLB (10/18/06, NLCS G6): STL vs NYM*
Tuesday, June 9:
6:15p, MLB (10/19/06, NLCS G7): STL vs NYM*
Wednesday, June 10:
6:00p, SB (9/24/2019): Perry @ NC
Thursday, June 11:
6:15p, MLB (10/21/06, WS G1): STL vs Det*
Friday, June 12:
6:15p, MLB (10/22/06, WS G2): STL vs Det*
Saturday, June 13:
6:00p, MLB (10/24/06, WS G3): STL vs Det*
Sunday, June 14:
12:00p, MLB (10/26/06, WS G4): STL vs Det*
Monday, June 15:
6:15p, MLB (10/27/06, WS G5): STL vs Det*
Wednesday, June 17:
6:00p, VB (10/29/2019): 1-Cent vs 5-SG (Dist Semi)
Wednesday, June 24:
6:00p, BBB (1/14/2020): Sik @ Cent
Wednesday, July 1:
6:00p, FB (11/8/2019): 2-Cent vs 3-SG (Dist Semi)
Wednesday, July 8:
6:00p, SB (10/2/2019): Jeff @ Farm
Wednesday, July 15:
6:00p, GBB (2/13/2020): 1-SG vs 4-NC (Conf Semi)
Wednesday, July 22:
6:00p, VB (10/24/2019): 2-VCath vs 3-AV (Conf Semi)
Wednesday, July 29:
6:00p, GBB (12/31/2019): 3-SG vs 4-Steel (Xmas Final)
* – denotes game on B104.3fm