Alderman Resigns From Leadington

(Leadington, MO.) Misty Dean is no longer a member of the Board of Aldermen for Leadington after turning in her letter of resignation Wednesday. Her letter states she's 
seen and heard nothing but "negativity, diversion and lack of communication between staff, the board and the public". Dean also wrote "I feel that individuals are being targeted, manipulated, harassed and even bullied for others personal gain," she wrote in the letter. "Only half truths and most are false or lies that the citizens of Leadington and the general public are being told." Dean also says she feels the only way for the city to move forward is for "a certain two aldermen to step down and the city get a new board." Dean's resignation comes on the heels of the resignations of the City Judge, Prosecutor, Chief of Police, Mayor, City Clerk, and Court Clerk.


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