• FB: State Quarterfinal

    Farmington Knights @ St. Mary's Dragons - Friday, 6:00p

  • It all starts Monday!

  • BBB: Day 1, Arcadia Valley Thanksgiving Tournament

    Tripleheader - Monday, 4:30p

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Sports Headlines

SB: North County's slugging centerfielder Emma Becker signs with Lindenwood University

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Base: AV's Stephen Pursley signs with Drury University

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BB: North County's girls and Cape Central's boys handed top seeds in 6th Annual DeSoto Tournament

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The Fountain City Classic is part of the second week of the high school basketball season and the brackets for the tournament have been announced. North County is the top girls team with Farmington seeded 3rd. Cape Central got the top boys spot with NC 5th and SG 7th.
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GBB: South Iron's Michaela Ayers signs with Mineral Area College ahead of start to senior year

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Welcome to the all-new KFMOsports.com!!!

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Just in time for the new season of high school sports, the Parkland's online Sports Leader shows off it's all-new look and makes its much anticipated debut! It's a sleek new format, still housing all the usual high school information you need with hopefully easier navigation and better responsive de...
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Friday (KFMO): 
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Valle Catholic-
St. Paul-
Mineral Area-
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Broadcast Schedule

Thursday, Nov. 21
6:30p, NHL: Calgary @ St. Louis*
Friday, Nov. 22
6:00p, FB: Countdown to Kickoff
6:30p, FB: Farmington @ St. Mary's (Qtrs)
Saturday, Nov. 23
6:30p, NHL: Nashville @ St. Louis*
Monday, Nov. 25
4:30p, BBB: 1-SI vs 8-Bis (AV Qtrs)
6:30p, BBB: 2-Lester vs 7-WC (AV Qtrs)
6:30p, NHL: St. Louis @ Nashville*
8:00p, BBB: 3-Fred vs 6-AV (AV Qtrs)
Tuesday, Nov. 26
5:30p, BBB: 4-Ell vs 5-Clear (AV Qtrs)
7:30p, BBB: Loser's Semi #1 (AV T)
Wednesday, Nov. 27
4:30p, BBB: Loser's Semi #1 (AV T)
5:30p, NHL: St. Louis @ Tampa Bay*
6:30p, BBB: Semifinal #1 (AV T)
8:00p, BBB: Semifinal #2 (AV T)
Thursday, Nov. 28
4:30p, BBB: 5th Place (AV T)
6:30p, BBB: 3rd Place (AV T)
8:00p, BBB: Championship (AV T)
Friday, Nov. 29
6:00p, FB: Countdown to Kickoff
6:30p, FB: Districts Week 2
7:00p, NHL: St. Louis @ Dallas*
Saturday, Nov. 30
8:30a, GBB: 2-WC vs 7-VCal (VCal Qtrs)
10:15a, GBB: 3-Jeff vs 6-Kin (VCal Qtrs)
12:45p, BBB: 4-VCal vs 5-St. Paul (VCal Qtrs)
2:00p, GBB: 1-SI vs 8-Bis (VCal Qtrs)
4:30p, BBB: 2-Bourbon vs 7-Vib (VCal Qtrs)
5:45p, BBB: 3-Kin vs 6-Bis (VCal Qtrs)
6:30p, NHL: Pittsburgh @ St. Louis*
Sunday, Dec. 1
11:00a, NFL: Oakland @ Kansas City
Monday, Dec. 2
3:30p, GBB: 1-NC vs 8-VillaD (DeS Qtrs)
5:30p, BBB: 4-Duch vs 5-NC (DeS Qtrs)
7:00p, BBB: 2-Hills vs 7-SG (DeS Qtrs)
7:00p, NHL: St. Louis @ Chicago*
8:30p, GBB: 3-Farm vs 6-NW (DeS Qtrs)
Tuesday, Dec. 3
TBD, GBB: TBD (Fredericktown Tourn.)
Wednesday, Dec. 4
5:30p, GBB: Ste. Gen. vs Crystal C. (VCath pool)
6:30p, NHL: St. Louis @ Pittsburgh*
7:30p, GBB: St. Vin. vs Valle Cath. (VCath pool)
Thursday, Dec. 5
7:00p, BBB: IF Farm (Sullivan Semis)
Friday, Dec. 6
6:30p, BB: TBD (DeS Semis)
8:30p, BB: TBD (DeS Semis)
Saturday, Dec. 7
TBD, BB: TBD (Fred or DeS Tourn.)
5:30p, NHL: Toronto @ St. Louis*
Sunday, Dec. 8
2:00p, NFL: Kansas City @ New England
Monday, Dec. 9
6:00p, GBB: Central @ Principia
Tuesday, Dec. 10
6:00p, NHL: St. Louis @ Buffalo*
7:00p, BBB: Perryville @ Valle Catholic
Thursday, Dec. 12
6:30p, NHL: Vegas @ St. Louis*
7:00p, GBB: West County @ Ste. Genevieve
Friday, Dec. 13
7:00p, BBB: Farmington @ Saxony Lutheran
Saturday, Dec. 14
8:30a, BBB: West County vs Potosi
12:00p, GBB: Farmington vs Seckman
1:30p, BBB: Fox vs Saxony Lutheran
3:00p, GBB: Central vs Ellington
4:30p, BBB: South Iron vs Oak Ridge
6:30p, NHL: Chicago @ St. Louis*
Sunday, Dec. 15
11:00a, NFL: Denver @ Kansas City
Monday, Dec. 16
6:30p, NHL: Colorado @ St. Louis*
7:00p, GBB: Arcadia Valley @ Ste. Genevieve
Tuesday, Dec. 17
7:00p, BBB: St. Pius @ Central
Wednesday, Dec. 18
7:00p, BBB: Fredericktown @ Valle Catholic
7:00p, NHL: Edmonton @ St. Louis*
Thursday, Dec. 19
7:00p, GBB: West County @ Fredericktown
Friday, Dec. 20
7:00p, BBB: Steelville @ West County
Saturday, Dec. 21
9:00p, NHL: St. Louis @ San Jose*
Sunday, Dec. 22
6:00p, NFL: Kansas City @ Chicago
* – denotes game on B104.3fm