The Armed American Radio Daily Defense Show

With Host Mark Walters   ||   11pm-12am CT

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Focusing on the Second Amendmentand all related topics, Armed American Radio’sDaily Defense with Mark Walters bringa unique blend of conservative talk,humor, and the hard-hitting truthabout the fundamental right to beararms that the mainstream mediawouldn’t dare discuss.

Like he does in his national columnsand books, Mark brings hard-hitting talkabout the right to bear arms for self-defenseto the national airwaves. His one-of-a-kindprogram is laser-focused on our Americanbirthright to keep and bear arms. Markchallenges anti-gun rhetoric and attacksagainst gun owners with no-nonsense,unwavering support for our constitutionalright to defend ourselves. An award-winningactivist, speaker, and host, Mark tellsthe truth that the mainstream mediasimply ignore.

With Host Mark Walters   ||   11pm-12am CT