Authorities Warning of Business Scams

(St. Francois County, MO) Law enforcement officials in the county are cautioning residents to be aware of possible scams. Reports are coming in to some local law enforcement agencies regarding callers with suspicious requests involving taking payments from you for their alleged organizations or other efforts. There are some tips to follow if you think you may have someone on the phone who's trying to involve you in a scam. Remember, scammers like to pretend they are from an organization you're familiar with. Scammers will tell you there is a problem you need to take care or there's a prize involved. They also pressure you to act immediately and they usually want you to pay in a specific way. If you suspect you may have been scammed, or have questions about what to watch for, contact your local law enforcement agency. Some Parkland residents have reported they fear they have been scammed in the past few weeks regarding questionable business directories and other offers.