Bucklew Dead After Execution Takes Place

(Bonne Terre, MO.) The man convicted of murdering Michael Sanders in 1996, Russell Bucklew, is dead after being executed at the Bonne Terre prison Tuesday evening.  Prosecutors say Bucklew shot Sanders because he saw him with Bucklew's former lover. It's also said Bucklew kidnapped and raped Stephanie Ray Pruitt and got into a shoot out with officers of the Highway Patrol. Bucklew's supporters wanted clemency because of his rare medical condition that produced tumors on his face, neck and throat. They feared Bucklew would face a tortuous death due to his condition if executed by lethal injection. Once Bucklew was given the injection last night at the Bonne Terre Prison he died peacefully with no adverse effects from his condition. He was pronounced dead at 6:23.