Dinkins on Anniversary of Terrorist Attacks

(Jefferson City, MO) Today, September 11th, is the anniversary of the terrorist attacks on our nation that destroyed New York's Twin Towers and killed thousands of Americans. The Missouri State Representative for the 144th District, Chris Dinkins, says we need to remember the sacrifices of the first responders who arrived on scene in Manhattan and those innocents who died as a result of the attacks.

Four airliners were hijacked by 19 terrorists that day. Two smashed into the Twin Towers in Manhattan, one was flown into the pentagon, and a third was headed towards the White House. Passengers on that plane, Flight 93, were able to thwart the hijackers plans. Unfortunately all on board perished as the plane crashed into a filed near Shanksville, Pennsylvania. A special memorial stands in the filed as a memorial to the Americas who kept the jet from it's intended destination.