Restraining Order Against Akers for Alleged Comments

(Park Hills, MO.) A temporary restraining order is in effect against the former head of City Public Works for Park Hills, Donnie Akers. Sources tell KFMO B104 News the restraining order was filed after Akers allegedly made threats to the Mayor and other city employees. The comments allegedly made by Akers are said to have come after an alleged incident during the Crusin With A Cause fundraiser held in Park Hills recently. Reports show the confrontation allegedly came as some drivers were doing unsanctioned burnouts 
during the Crusin fundraiser. It's also reported Akers made threats against Mayor Danny Naucke and others following a meeting of the council. City officials with Park Hills have been contacted by KFMO B104 News but have declined comment due to the ongoing legal action. A hearing is set for October 30th to possibly determine whether or not to continue the order.