Truck Driver Makes Deal in Sex Crime Case

(Lee County, VA.) A Bonne Terre man, 33 year old David Kyle Skaggs, has a sentencing hearing scheduled for September 30th after pleading guilty in U.S. District Court in Virginia to a sex crime. Reports indicate Skaggs, a truck driver, is said to have impregnated a 13 year old girl after he befriended her family in Lee County Virginia in 2015. It's reported he gained the mother's approval to take the 13 year old daughter, and her 15 year old brother, on a truck driving trip in his semi. During the trip Skaggs is alleged to have provided alcohol to the minors and, while the girl's brother slept in the top bunk of the truck, Skaggs raped the girl. She gave birth to a child in the spring of 2016 and DNA tests have confirmed Skaggs as the father. Skaggs' plea agreement was reached July 7th.