Loud Boom Now Confirmed as F-15 Breaking Sound Barrier

(St. Francois County, MO) A loud boom heard and felt across the Parkland early Tuesday evening has been confirmed to be an F-15 that went supersonic across the Parkland Area.  Reports came in from North St. Francois County to Iron County about a loud boom followed by a shaking of the ground.  Data from the website Flightradar24 confirmed that flight went supersonic for 6 minutes from the Licking area across St. Francois County to Ste. Genevieve from 5:17pm-5:23pm CT.  This data can be seen in the video below.  Earlier reports indicated that this was believed to be an earthquake.  Last week a similar sonic boom heard across mid-Missouri was confirmed by Boeing to be an F-15 breaking the sound barrier.  KFMO/B104 News has reached out to Boeing for comment and is currently awaiting a response.  We will update this story with the latest information as it becomes available.


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