City Crews Working to Complete Sewer Lining Project

Farmington, Mo. (KFMO) - The City of Farmington is currently working with Visu-Sewer on a sewer lining project that will improve the City sewer system.

Farmington Public Works Director Larry Lacy says that this project has been going on for several years. 

The project will improve existing sewer lines and service to City residents with minimal disruptions to service.

During the installation process, a liner will be inserted into the existing pipe until it is heat-cured, converting it into a new pipe. After the new pipe has cured, services are reconnected by a remote-controlled robotic cutter.

Residents can expect workers from Visu-Sewer and the City of Farmington Water and Sewer Department to be in the area throughout the summer as crews complete the project.


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