Dinkins Immigration Letter to Governor

(Lesterville, MO) 144th District State Representative, Chris Dinkins is reaching out to Governor Mike Parson in a letter regarding the potential resettlement of Palestinian refugees from Gaza into Missouri. In the letter Dinkins says, "As a dedicated representative of the people of Missouri, I believe it is crucial for us to take a proactive stance on this issue to safeguard the well being and security of our citizens." She goes on to indicate she echoes the sentiments of many Missourians who, Dinkins says in the letter,"...share great concern about welcoming individuals from regions whose belief systems are rooted in anti-American and anti-Israel sentiments."  Dinkins also says in the letter she has zero confidence in the ability of the Biden Administration to effectively vet refugees from Gaza before entering our country. Dinkins says, "It is imperative that we prioritize the safety and values of our state and take a clear stand in opposition to refugee resettlement in Missouri." Representative Dinkins is the Republican Caucus Chairwoman. Her district spans Wayne, Shannon, Madison, Reynolds, Iron, Washington, and Bollinger counties in southeast Missouri.


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