Jingle Bell Rock Starts Today

(Park Hills, MO) The Diamonds and More Jeweler's B104 KFMO Jingle Bell Rock is back! The General Sales Manager for KFMO B104, Chuck Odle, says you'll have a chance to win a prize package worth $10,000 starting today.

Odle adds you have to visit the various businesses sponsoring the Jingle Bell Rock, get a clue card, and with those cards, try to figure out where the Hunt for the Jingle Bell Rock will take place. The hunt is set for Saturday, December 11th. You don't have to have all the clue cards to play the game yet if you get a card from each of the 16 locations, you'll be able to start the hunt on time. If you don't have all the cards you may have to spend time in the penalty box at the start of the hunt. We'll be broadcasting from each sponsors location as well. Today's Diamonds and More B104 KFMO Jingle Bell Rock clue card location is Diamond's and More Jeweler's of Farmington.