Minton Going to Court on Burglary Charge

(Leadington, MO.) A man from Irondale, 42 year old Christopher Minton, will be in St. Francois County Court May 28th on a charge of First Degree Burglary after he was arrested for his alleged involvement in an incident in Leadington. Reports show Minton is alleged to have forced his way into a home on Garson Lane in Leadington April 26th. It's also believed Minton took the male resident of the home and forced him into the bathroom picking him up by his throat pushing him into the wall and choking him. The alleged victim told police Minton wanted to know where his children were. Minton left the residence and was later picked up by Park Hills Police and taken into custody. Minton had been arrested the previous Friday for a violation of an ex parte order at the same residence. He was prohibited from having contact with his children. Minton was booked into the St. Francois County Jail.