New Madrid Fault is Active Earthquake

(Southeast, MO.) Following the earthquakes in California, officials with the Missouri State Emergency Management Agency remind us to be prepared for an earthquake should one strike. An Earthquake Program Manager, with the agency, Jeff Briggs, says we live in an active earthquake zone, the New Madrid Fault.

Briggs adds when preparing for an earthquake the unique challenge is that it happens without warning. According to Briggs there are two types of earthquake preparedness, the prep for before a quake, and knowing what to do during a quake. Briggs explains one tip is to secure things that could fall over, to your walls, especially your water heater.

The second thing to know is what to do when the shaking is going on. Briggs says you should stop, drop, and cover meaning stop what you are doing when you feel the quake, drop to the ground, and seek cover underneath something that could protect you such as a desk. You can get more earthquake safety tips by visiting the Missouri State Emergency Management Agency website and look for the Great Shake Out Earthquake Drill.