Photo Sparked Leadington Police Chief Resignation

(Leadington, MO.) With the resignation of 6 officials from the city of Leadington citizens are now left without many employees or government. Police Chief Dustin McKinney tendered his letter of resignation Monday amidst social media posts showing a photo taken of him a few years ago.

In his letter McKinney says the picture is a shot of him and some of his adult friends engaging in what he calls harmless horseplay. The picture shows McKinney leaning over a woman on a bed while another person is lying in the bed as well.

According to McKinney's letter of resignation he regrets the incident and has worked to regain the department's positive image and public trust during his 5 years as Chief. The letter also states recent negative social media attention is one sided and doesn't present all the facts. In his letter McKinney also states small town politics and too much drama also played a part in his resignation.

KFMO B104 News has made several calls, and left messages, at City Hall and the Police Department. No one has responded yet. City Hall will remain closed until a new city clerk can be hired. Alderwoman Debbie Mathews is Leadington's Mayor Pro Tem. She will be handling city business until another Mayor is appointed by the board.

Below the image in question can be viewed along with Former Police Chief Dustin Mckinney's resignation letter.  Warning, the contents of the image in question may be sensitive to some viewers.


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