Possible Suspects in Skimmer Incident

(Farmington, MO) Investigators with the Farmington Police Department continue to look into the discovery of credit card skimming devices on gas pumps at Casey's General Store located at 84 S. Henry Street. The skimmer devices were discovered August 28th and police say several persons of interest have been identified and leads are actively being pursued to develop the case. Information from Farmington Police indicates they are working to establish a timeline of how long the skimming devices were in place and how many victims had their information compromised. Victims reported their compromised cards were used fraudulently in the Kansas City metro area between August 28th and September 6th. If you were a victim of this scheme and have not contacted the police department do so now. Your help is needed to the facts of the case. Contact the Business Resource Division at brdfpd@farmington-mo.gov or call 573-431-3131 and ask for Officers Ryan Miller, Pierce Wynn, or Aaron Bowles.


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