Special Leadington Meeting Cancelled

(Leadington, MO.) The Leadington Board of Aldermen will have a special meeting at a later date to dicsuss city personnel matters including the resignation of Leadington's City Clerk, Court Clerk, Police Chief, City Attorney, and City Judge. The meeting was to have been held Monday night yet Missouri Statues indicate a 24 hour notice must be given prior to a municipal meeting. The notice announcing the meeting was posted at 12 noon Monday, July 15th so by law the meeting cannot be held prior to noon the following day.

According to Leadington Alderman, Gary McKinney, the meeting was called to hire a City Clerk for Leadington. McKinney says now that the state law has come into play they aren't sure when the special meeting will be held.

Mayor Dustin Winick says after speaking to City Attornies he can't comment on any of the resignations but did say since one of them was the city clerk the city offices will be closed until a new clerk comes onboard.

Stay tuned to KFMO B104 News for more details as they become available.