Treasurer Talks CARES Act with Commissioners

(Farmington, MO) St. Francois County leaders have a lot to think about when it comes to the distribution of CARES Act funding after a visit from Missouri State Treasurer, Scott Fitzpatrick. Fitzpatrick paid a visit to the county commission this morning for a discussion on the latest rules surrounding the disbursement of monies to groups applying for assistance following the onset of the coronavirus. Fitzpatrick says he wants businesses, and other organizations, especially if they haven't taken advantage of the payroll protection program, to apply for help.

According to Fitzpatrick about $2.1 billion dollars came to Missouri through the CARES mechanism and state leaders made 25% of that available for county governments. St. Francois County is awarding money in three phases and the first has been completed. Those groups will soon receive an award letter explaining more on how the money will be passed to them. St. Francois County was awarded over 7 million dollars. The CARES Act monies that come from St. Francois County are administered by the SEMO Regional Planning Commission.