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Broadcast Schedule

Thursday, Nov. 21
6:30p, NHL: Calgary @ St. Louis*
Friday, Nov. 22
6:00p, FB: Countdown to Kickoff
6:30p, FB: Farmington @ St. Mary's (Qtrs)
Saturday, Nov. 23
6:30p, NHL: Nashville @ St. Louis*
Monday, Nov. 25
4:30p, BBB: 1-SI vs 8-Bis (AV Qtrs)
6:30p, BBB: 2-Lester vs 7-WC (AV Qtrs)
6:30p, NHL: St. Louis @ Nashville*
8:00p, BBB: 3-Fred vs 6-AV (AV Qtrs)
Tuesday, Nov. 26
5:30p, BBB: 4-Ell vs 5-Clear (AV Qtrs)
7:30p, BBB: Loser's Semi #1 (AV T)
Wednesday, Nov. 27
4:30p, BBB: Loser's Semi #1 (AV T)
5:30p, NHL: St. Louis @ Tampa Bay*
6:30p, BBB: Semifinal #1 (AV T)
8:00p, BBB: Semifinal #2 (AV T)
Thursday, Nov. 28
4:30p, BBB: 5th Place (AV T)
6:30p, BBB: 3rd Place (AV T)
8:00p, BBB: Championship (AV T)
Friday, Nov. 29
6:00p, FB: Countdown to Kickoff
6:30p, FB: Districts Week 2
7:00p, NHL: St. Louis @ Dallas*
Saturday, Nov. 30
8:30a, GBB: 2-WC vs 7-VCal (VCal Qtrs)
10:15a, GBB: 3-Jeff vs 6-Kin (VCal Qtrs)
12:45p, BBB: 4-VCal vs 5-St. Paul (VCal Qtrs)
2:00p, GBB: 1-SI vs 8-Bis (VCal Qtrs)
4:30p, BBB: 2-Bourbon vs 7-Vib (VCal Qtrs)
5:45p, BBB: 3-Kin vs 6-Bis (VCal Qtrs)
6:30p, NHL: Pittsburgh @ St. Louis*
Sunday, Dec. 1
11:00a, NFL: Oakland @ Kansas City
Monday, Dec. 2
3:30p, GBB: 1-NC vs 8-VillaD (DeS Qtrs)
5:30p, BBB: 4-Duch vs 5-NC (DeS Qtrs)
7:00p, BBB: 2-Hills vs 7-SG (DeS Qtrs)
7:00p, NHL: St. Louis @ Chicago*
8:30p, GBB: 3-Farm vs 6-NW (DeS Qtrs)
Tuesday, Dec. 3
5:00p, GBB: 2-AV vs 6-Perry (Fred pool)
7:00p, GBB: 4-Fred vs 5-Pot (Fred pool)
Wednesday, Dec. 4
5:30p, GBB: Ste. Gen. vs Crystal C. (VCath pool)
6:30p, NHL: St. Louis @ Pittsburgh*
7:30p, GBB: St. Vin. vs Valle Cath. (VCath pool)
Thursday, Dec. 5
7:00p, BBB: IF Farm (Sullivan Semis)
Friday, Dec. 6
6:30p, BB: TBD (DeS Semis)
8:30p, BB: TBD (DeS Semis)
Saturday, Dec. 7
TBD, BB: TBD (Fred or DeS Tourn.)
5:30p, NHL: Toronto @ St. Louis*
Sunday, Dec. 8
2:00p, NFL: Kansas City @ New England
Monday, Dec. 9
Tuesday, Dec. 10
6:00p, NHL: St. Louis @ Buffalo*
7:00p, BBB: Perryville @ Valle Catholic
Thursday, Dec. 12
6:30p, NHL: Vegas @ St. Louis*
7:00p, GBB: West County @ Ste. Genevieve
Friday, Dec. 13
7:00p, BBB: Farmington @ Saxony Lutheran
Saturday, Dec. 14
8:30a, BBB: West County vs Potosi
12:00p, GBB: Farmington vs Seckman
1:30p, BBB: Fox vs Saxony Lutheran
3:00p, GBB: Central vs Ellington
4:30p, BBB: South Iron vs Oak Ridge
6:30p, NHL: Chicago @ St. Louis*
Sunday, Dec. 15
11:00a, NFL: Denver @ Kansas City
Monday, Dec. 16
6:30p, NHL: Colorado @ St. Louis*
7:00p, GBB: Arcadia Valley @ Ste. Genevieve
Tuesday, Dec. 17
7:00p, BBB: St. Pius @ Central
Wednesday, Dec. 18
7:00p, BBB: Fredericktown @ Valle Catholic
7:00p, NHL: Edmonton @ St. Louis*
Thursday, Dec. 19
7:00p, GBB: West County @ Fredericktown
Friday, Dec. 20
7:00p, BBB: Steelville @ West County
Saturday, Dec. 21
9:00p, NHL: St. Louis @ San Jose*
Sunday, Dec. 22
6:00p, NFL: Kansas City @ Chicago
* – denotes game on B104.3fm