MAAA Baseball

Large School Standings

North County0-00-0--0-00-0----
Ste. Genevieve0-00-0--0-00-0----
x - Won Regular Season Title
y - Won Conference Tournament Title
z - Won District Title

Small School Standings

Valle Catholic0-00-0--0-00-0----
Arcadia Valley0-00-0--0-00-0----
West County0-00-0--0-00-0----
Valley Caledonia0-00-0--0-00-0----
x - Won Regular Season Title
y - Won Conference Tournament Title
z - 
Won District Title

Independent Standings

St. Paul0-00-00-0---
x - Won District Title

Farmington Knights Soccer

Head Coach: Addae Rique • 5th year
8/25/2018Farmington@Parkway West
8/28/2018Webster Groves@FarmingtonL 3-1
8/30/2018Oakville@FarmingtonW 3-2
9/4/2018Farmington@Cape CentralW 10-2
9/6/2018Farmington@DeSmetL 7-1
9/11/2018Farmington@North CountyW 8-0
9/13/2018Farmington@Cape Notre DameW 3-1
9/18/2018Farmington@St. Mary'sW 3-2 (2OT)
9/22/2018Priory@FarmingtonW 2-1
9/25/2018St. Francis Borgia@FarmingtonW 5-2
9/27/2018Farmington@JacksonL 3-0
10/2/2018Hillsboro@FarmingtonW 7-0
10/8/2018Sikeston@FarmingtonW 10-1
10/10/2018Perryville@FarmingtonW 3-2
10/16/2018Poplar Bluff@FarmingtonW 10-0
10/18/2018Farmington@Saxony LutheranW 9-0
10/22/2018Lindbergh@FarmingtonW 4-3
10/30/2018Districts (@ Sikeston)
10/30/20181-Farmington vs 4-SikestonW 3-0
11/01/20181-Farmington vs 2-Cape CentralW 6-1
11/6/2018State Sectionals
11/6/2018Farmington @ WindsorW 5-0
11/10/2018State Quarterfinals
11/10/2018Farmington @ Webster GrovesL 3-0
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Fredericktown Blackcats Soccer

Head Coach: DJ McFadden • 2nd year
8/28/2018St. Clair@FredericktownW 6-2
9/4/2018Fredericktown@Saxony LutheranW 4-1
9/6/2018Fredericktown@SikestonL 1-0 (OT)
9/12/2018North County@FredericktownW 3-2
9/17/2018Hillsboro Tournament
9/17/2018Fredericktown vs St. ClairW 6-0
9/18/2018Fredericktown vs WashingtonT 1-1
9/20/2018Fredericktown vs HillsboroT 1-1
9/22/2018Fredericktown vs SLUHL 6-1
9/27/2018Festus@FredericktownT 1-1
10/2/2018Fredericktown@St. PiusL 7-1
10/4/2018Fredericktown@Cape Notre DameL 3-0
10/10/2018Saxony Lutheran@FredericktownL 3-2 (PK)
10/15/2018Fredericktown@PerryvilleL 3-0
10/17/2018Cape Central@FredericktownW 2-1
10/18/2018DeSoto@FredericktownW 5-3
10/22/2018Districts (@ Perryville)
10/22/20181-St. Pius vs 4-FredericktownL 3-1

North County Raiders Soccer

Head Coach: Robert O'Keefe • 3rd year
8/29/2018Windsor Tournament
8/29/2018North County vs WindsorL 2-1
8/30/2018North County vs PerryvilleW 4-2
9/4/2018North County@PerryvilleL 3-0
8/30/2018North County vs St. Mary'sL 2-0
9/11/2018Farmington@North CountyL 8-0
9/12/2018North County@FredericktownL 3-2
9/19/2018North County@UnionW 2-1 (PK)
9/21/2018Capital City Shootout
9/21/2018North County vs Poplar BluffT 1-1
9/22/2018North County vs Jeff CityT 1-1
9/22/2018North County vs JoplinL 1-0
9/27/2018North County@Poplar BluffW 2-0
10/1/2018North County@JacksonL 7-0
10/3/2018Seckman@North CountyL 3-1
10/4/2018Sikeston@North CountyW 2-1
10/10/2018DeSoto@North CountyW 4-0
10/11/2018North County@HillsboroW 1-0 (PK)
10/16/2018North County@Saxony LutheranW 2-1 (PK)
10/17/2018Gateway Science@North CountyW 3-0
10/19/2018Columbia Rock Bridge Tournament
10/19/2018North County vs HickmanW 1-0
10/20/2018N. County vs Father ToltonW 1-0
10/22/2018Windsor@North CountyW 2-0
10/24/2018Cape Central@North County
10/30/2018Districts (@ Sikeston)
10/30/20182-Cape Cent. vs 3-N. CountyL 2-1

St. Paul Giants Soccer

Head Coach: Justin Ford • 1st year
8/28/2018Festus Tournament
8/28/2018St. Paul vs University CityL 10-0
8/29/2018St. Paul vs Festusppd. (10/11)
8/30/2018St. Paul vs Saxony LutheranL 7-0
9/13/2018St. Paul@Hillsboro JVT 3-3
9/20/2018St. Albans@St. PaulW 3-2 (OT)
10/1/2018St. Paul@Lutheran NorthL 6-0
10/2/2018North County JV@St. PaulL 2-1
10/4/2018St. Paul@Farmington JVL 5-1
10/5/2018St. Paul@St. AlbansL 12-2
10/11/2018St. Paul vs Festus, from 8/29L 9-1
10/15/2018Festus@St. PaulL 7-1
10/16/2018St. Paul@DeSotoL 8-0
10/19/2018St. Paul@Eagle RidgeW 2-0
10/22/2018Districts (@ St. Paul)
10/22/20182-McKinley vs 3-St. PaulL 9-2


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Arcadia Valley-
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St. Mary's-
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 State Fair-
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Broadcast Schedule

Thursday, Jan. 23
7:00p, GBB: Ste. Genevieve @ North County
Friday, Jan. 24
7:00p, BBB: North County @ Ste. Genevieve
Saturday, Jan. 25
7:00p, NHL: All-Star Game
Monday, Jan. 27
7:00p, GBB: Central @ Farmington
8:30p, NHL: St. Louis @ Vancouver*
Tuesday, Jan. 28
7:00p, BBB: Cape ND @ Central (w/video)
7:30p, NHL: St. Louis @ Calgary*
Thursday, Jan. 30
TBD, W: Summitt @ Farmington (video only)
7:00p, GBB: Ste. Genevieve @ Central
Friday, Jan. 31
7:00p, BBB: Farmington @ N. County (w/video)
7:30p, NHL: St. Louis @ Edmonton*
Saturday, Feb. 1
5:30p, NHL: St. Louis @ Winnipeg*
Sunday, Feb. 2
12:00p, NFL, Super Bowl LIV: KC vs SF
Monday, Feb. 3
5:30p, GBB: Crystal City @ St. Paul
7:30p, BBB: Crystal City @ St. Paul
Tuesday, Feb. 4
6:30p, NHL: Carolina @ St. Louis*
7:00p, BBB: North County @ Fredericktown
Thursday, Feb. 6
6:30p, NHL: Winnipeg @ St. Louis*
Saturday, Feb. 8
TBD, BB: Conf T. 1st R
6:30p, NHL: Dallas @ St. Louis*
Monday, Feb. 10
TBD, BB: Conf T. Qtrs
Tuesday, Feb. 11
TBD, BB: Conf T. Qtrs
8:30p, NHL: St. Louis @ Anaheim*
Thursday, Feb. 13
TBD, GBB: Conf T. Semis
8:30p, NHL: St. Louis @ Vegas*
Friday, Feb. 14
TBD, GBB: Conf T. Semis
Saturday, Feb. 15
TBD, BB: Conf T. 3rd P and Finals
1:30p, NHL: Nashville @ St. Louis*
Sunday, Feb. 16
TBD, BB: Conf T. 3rd P and Finals
4:30p, NHL: St. Louis @ Nashville*
* – denotes game on B104.3fm